MHD Builds is the culmination of two decades of architecture, construction and development experience. The company specializes in residential projects in and around Alexandria, VA.

About Mary Denby- Founder of MHD Builds

Mary fell in love with architecture in the 5th grade and has never looked back. She’s a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University’s Undergraduate Architecture program (Virginia Tech). After practicing architecture for 10 years, she furthered her knowledge of the built environment by working as a project manager for a high-end residential construction company for 6 years and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the construction process with an increased focus on budget and construction management.

The Beginning of MHD Builds

Friends, neighbors, family and colleagues have always asked Mary for ideas on layouts, materials, feasibility and costs for potential projects. She loves┬ábeing a sounding board and providing guidance that gives people the best approach to a home renovation without pushing them in one direction or another – acting as a true non-biased resource. She finally decided it was time to offer this guidance as a service, to help people get their projects off the ground. She works with all sorts of homeowners looking for ideas about layout, home design, materials selections and even just plain old ‘will this even work’ kind of questions.